Info for Parents

Do I have to pay for my child to attend CoderDojo Brighton?

No, CoderDojo Brighton is completely free!

What equipment does my child need to bring?

Participants need to bring their own laptop to work on – most bring one that mum or dad has lent them for the day – but if this is going to be a real problem please email us and we’ll see what we can do.

Is my child too young to attend?

We generally recommend that participants be aged 5 or over, but if you have younger children that you need to take care of then you’re welcome to bring them along as well. The venue has an assortment of comfy seating for parents and younger children while the older ones get on with their coding.

Do I have to stay with my child during the CoderDojo?

If they are aged 12 or under then yes, they will need to be accompanied by a parent or guardian. We are not a childminding service, and our volunteers and mentors are not able to look after any of the participants.

If they are older than 12 then it’s at your discretion, however if a participant is disturbing the people around them then we will ask you to chaperone them in future.

My child doesn’t have any previous experience in ‘programming’ but they’re interested in computers: can they attend?

Yes of course: many of our participants didn’t have any previous programming experience, and we have two streams to suit their varying skill levels. One stream is for newer coders who are just starting out, who we introduce to programming using the Scratch programming environment. The other stream is for more experienced coders who’re ready to move onto more complex programming languages.

My child already does a lot of programming on their own: why should they attend a CoderDojo?

CoderDojos are a great way for kids who’re interested in programming to meet like-minded people and to learn from their peers and from our mentors. They provide an environment for people to develop their own interests, but where they can ask for help if they need it.

How can I get to CoderDojo Brighton sessions?

Take a look at this page for information about how to find us