To begin programming in Python

You can either download and install Python from here

Or alternatively you can use an online IDE(Integrated Development Environment)

(This is what you write your programs in) is an excellent online IDE (link here). You will need an email to login but the advantage of an online IDE is that you can still access and run your code on a school PC or laptop even if they don’t have Python installed.

Learning Python have a Python classroom (here) this gives you lots of programing challenges to try for yourself (which would take you through everything you need to know for programming in the GCSE syllabus!)

Snakify have a really good Python course (here). Again this will take you through all of the basics in Python

Code Academy (here) is also a nice site for learning Python. It has been around for a long time and it’s well written but various exercises are now behind a paywall – however most of it is still free!

W3 Schools is also very good (here). Not only does it teach you Python but it’s a really nice reference site too

If you complete any one of the courses above you will have a really strong grasp of the Python language

Python is a fantastic language for lots of things however it’s not amazing for making games other than text based games!

To do graphics in Python you will need one of the following libraries:

Turtle this is normally installed with Python – here‘s a guide to programming with Turtle. Turtle is pretty straightforward and is a good progression from Scratch

TKinter is good for making forms (the dialog boxes you use in Windows. Tutorial is here. TKinter is quite ‘fiddly’ and is a good one to tackle if you are feeling confident

Pygame is probably the best one for actual games) – it doesn’t install by default so you will need to install it. A good tutorial for Pygame is here. Pygame definitely requires a lot of understanding so make sure you are pretty confident with the Python basics first!

Links to CoderDojo Python Project Sessions

Hangman Session

Hangman Python Template

Hangman Slides

Pygame Session

Flappy Bird Pygame Zero Tutorial – a great first tutorial including information on how to download and set up Mu together with Python basics.

Candy Crush Pygame Zero Tutorial – this builds on the skills in Flappy Bird and includes loops, arrays and more advanced logic.


Link to Python Number Guess

Link to HTML and CSS